volunteer opportunities



Teachers and Assistants

CCC is interested in developing a volunteer base to help us improve the quality of our servces by lower staff:child ratios in the classroom. Volunteers are needed to read stories, offer organized small group activities for children in the following areas:


  • Art (painting, modeling)

  • Physcial Fitness (games, outdoor activities)

  • Gardening (organic produce or landscaping)

  • Music and Movement (singing, instruments, dancing)


We welcome volunteers who have successfully received their qualification letter from the Division of Child Development and Early Education.  Heres how to apply (more info)

Specialized Services

Specialized Labor

At this time we are engaged in completing our facilities.  CCC is need of additional classroom space.  Subcontractors are needed to donate their services:


  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Tile Setter
  • Painters
  • Advertising
  • Carpenters for Constructing Interest Areas (playhouses, obstacle courses), Classroom Furniture
Food Program


There are opportunities to assist our chef, Nancy Wheeler, in the kitchen. 


Chopping, mixing, sweeping, washing...there are plenty of things to do.  


Please contact Nancy for more information and to schedule an hour or two to help her in our kitchen.  


Email:  nancy@covenantchildcare.net

Phone:  828-200-7443